It begins.


When you’ve been around the hobby for two decades, simply “starting a new project” tends to be futile. In terms of time, obviously (anyone that’s been around that long likely have a combination of work, family and other factors that limit their actual hobby time), but also in terms of challenge. When you’re about to start your umpteenth army, what do you do to motivate yourself?

There are many answers, of course. Some collect armies purely for the sake of gaming, and will view the challenge as always having the strongest army possible. Others fall to modelling single models, walking compeltely down the hobbyist route and leaving gaming behind almost entirelty. Then there’s people like me, the perpetual army builders. My previous projects include a “one of everything” elven army that started out as Dark Elves, and evolved into a Host of the Eternity King with the arrival of the End Times, and an all female pure Wych Cult. Both fun and awesome projects, but still easily managed mostly with stock models.

So when the time came to begin a brand new project, I decided to really challenge myself. I’ve always had a thing for the old pewter Daemonettes by Juan Diaz – as, apparently, does everyone else, judging by their price level on eBay. Regardless, through a combination of bartering, subterfuge and disposable income, I’ve managed to get my hands on no less than 42 of the infantry, as well as 8 of the mounted Daemonettes – a solid core for any Slaanesh-themed army. And then, of course, comes the challenge;

To create an army that justify its own awesome troops core.



With the release of Codex: Khorne Daemonkin, and the rumoured release of a similar codex for each of the four Chaos deities, I decided to start out with an army based mostly around the current Daemons codex, with the occasional ally from various Chaos Space Marines codices and supplements as and when I see fit. So far, my plans involve the said Daemonettes (I plan to run them either as three squads of 14 each, or two squads of 12 with a large one of 18 alongside) and Seekers, a scratch-built Soul Grinder and Daemon Princess, the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, as well as some heavily converted Heralds.

Speaking of Heralds; have a sneak preview of the first one – a throwback to the legendary Dechala.


Lots of work left to be done, arms needs to be sculpted, added and posed, and several joints from the waist down need significant greenstuff-work, but the core idea is there. In the meantime, while glue, greenstuff and modelling putty is given time to dry and set, I’ve begun work on a series of colour testers, using the new plastic daemonettes.


I’ve decided to run with skin tone number two, but still need to finish testing of the NMM silver as well as the claws. Because this army will be almost purely consistent of various daemons, monsters and oddities, I decided to run with NMM silver and try to forego golds completely, to create a more fluid colour palette that represents the warp, rather than realspace material. Time will tell how it works out, but for now, it’s part of the challenge inherent in the project. I’ve also yet to begin testing on the hair, which will be some shade of pink, and the cloth, which will use various tones of brown.


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