WIP Wednesday: Heralds!

It’s been a busy week with work, so I’ve gotten little time to do any modelling or painting; I’ve almost finished up the four test models and more or less nailed down the core colour variants I want to go with. With some time off tomorrow, I hope to finish them up and be able to post them within too long, so I can actually start painting some real miniatures.

But for now, I want to show off where I’m at with the first two Heralds of Slaanesh!


The first model is Asphyxia, the Perennial Reborn. Rules-wise, I plan to give her the Loci of +5 initiative, since Daemonettes really don’t have much going for them apart from initiative and weapon skill, and possibly some mastery levels. I’ve not yet decided on how exactly to paint her snakeskin – I am leaning towards a blue-shimmer black mamba type skin, though the notion of painting a more exotic patterened skin akin to a python or similar isn’t quite shaken off. We’ll have to see.

Parts used: Medusa lower body from the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood kit; Daemonette torso and head from the Seekers of Slaanesh kit; crown from the Dark Elf Corsair kit; spear from the Dark Elf Cauldron of Blood kit; punching dagger and sword from the Dark Elf Corsair kit; two daggers from the Dark Elf Witch Elves kit; one dagger from the Dark Eldar Wych kit.


For my second Herald, who haven’t got a name or fancy title yet, I was lucky enough to grab a hold of one of the old Shivarra from Fantasy Flight’s World of Warcraft board game. I’ve always loved the Shivarra in that game aestethically – I love that there are female demons that are more than just succubi and concubines, instead functioning as war leaders. The model had some rather goofy hands, however, but a simple hand swap not only sorted that, but made her significantly more Slaaneshi all the while. I also opted to use a pair of draiches from the Dark Elf Executioners kit for her sword, instead of the short, stocky things the model originally came with, and I think it worked out rather well. Since this picture was taken, she’s gotten a primer of black spray, and that really brought out the level of detail hidden in the model. Can’t wait to paint her!

I’ve also started pondering a third Herald; an Exalted Seeker Chariot, with the Herald rider converted from a Dark Eldar Lhamaean, and the mounted handmaidens from Witch Elves. The idea behind it?

Fallen Eldar of Altansar. Oh yeah.



5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Heralds!

  1. This looks very promising 🙂 I’m a bit curious on how the second herald will paint up as the sculpt doesn’t look as sharp. Thoughts?


    • I think the sculpt might surprise you. The picture really doesn’t do it justice, as it is packed with intricate armour patterns and linings. It’s not up to the standard of GWs own models, but I still think it will fit in nicely once it gets the same palette as the daemonettes 🙂

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  2. super awesome heralds! I bought Dark Elves medusa recently and I plan to convert Slaanesh Herald from her, but still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do…

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