Colour testers.


I finally managed to finish up the four test Daemonettes last night, sorting out the final few details and ironing out the last colour combinations to go for with my proper models. I’ve actually grown a lot fonder of the plastic Daemonettes over the course of this process – they are honestly really nice models to work with, and I suspect they’d command much more regard if they weren’t universally shunned for replacing the legendary J.D. ones.

It took some time to figure out what colour scheme to go with, the skin in particular giving me a hard time, but I feel confident that I’ve managed to figure out exactly where to go with the army now. You’ll notice below that all four models are quite different; the skin, grey, claws and leather are all different across the models.





Model number two from the top is the one that is closest to the colour scheme I’ll be going with – add in the hair and leather from the bottom one, and the claws from third from top, and you’re mostly there. I also decided to go with relatively simple basing, at least for the core models – Martian Ironearth over Khorne Red is flat out stunning, so why change a winning concept? Larger bases will obviously need some more care and detail, but I think this will give the army a nice, solid theme.

Over the weekend, I’ll get started on the first few proper Daemonettes, testing out the new Citadel brushes – I can’t wait to see how they turn out, having had this much fun already just testing the colours.


One thought on “Colour testers.

  1. Bases are indeed win. Carrying on.

    Pink hair I love. Clothing and armour on nr 4. Skin 2. Claws 3.


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