Meet the girls!


Well, that took way longer than I expected, but here they are – the first three of my girls. I’m very pleased with how they turned out, being every bit as finicky and troublesome to paint as they look.

As you’ll see, I’ve stayed away from metallics entirely. While I won’t claim that I’ve done proper NMM (it’s far too lazy and unblended to be called that), I wanted the girls to look like they were entirely composed of the fabric of the warp. What I did to achieve this was to sit down and draw up a pallette based on a warp vortex (kind of like the Eye of Terror), and draw my final colour scheme from this.

20150706_152129I personally think it worked out pretty well – their armour and weapons are still distinctively armour and weapons, even without metallics. The “feel” of the model is much in line with the expectation of what things look like, even if the actual colours aren’t what they’re supposed to be. The hair still look like hair, even if I chose painting them like tongue’y tenctacles.

For your viewing pleasure, I made a chart of my painting progress:

Daemonette - paint

I hope you enjoy the girls – there are 39 more where they came from, and a few mistresses to boot! In the meantime, here are some close-ups with terrible lighting.


20150706_152308 20150706_152246


10 thoughts on “Meet the girls!

  1. nice job! I have 25 of them waiting to be painted someday and kick some Astrates asses;)

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  2. I’m sure they’re beautiful, but you need a better light!!! 😉
    They look great, and I think the crackle medium with that color was perfect to contrast with them! Great job!

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    • I have actually be “thinking to” set up a lightbox, but I always get interrupted by… eh, “stuff”. It’s definitely something I should read up on and get sorted, though, even when posting these pics I’m a bit embarrased at the quality. It’s not like my camera sucks, so I suspect the fault lies with myself 😉

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      • I had to just make a place for one. But, you can just stick a piece of white paper behind them, and point your painting lamp over top of it for a quick fix.
        Also, just make a cube out of pic pipe, and put white fabric over it. Don’t pay for one. They’re not good, and they’re expensive.


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