Reader showcase: Gegnar’s Thanquol and Boneripper!


A good friend of mine and a long-time painting buddy, Gegnar, sent me these pictures of his Thanquol and Boneripper. I thought they were so awesome that I sweet-talked him into letting me showcase the model on my blog. Enjoy!

2015-07-07 21.46.21

2015-07-07 22.01.15

2015-07-07 22.04.08

2015-07-07 22.01.38

2015-07-07 22.03.01

2015-07-07 22.02.53

Want your own work showcased on LD10? Drop me a note on Facebook or email me from the Contact page on the top menu.

One thought on “Reader showcase: Gegnar’s Thanquol and Boneripper!

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