Round trip.

04-07-AoS-carousel-ppageThe Gates of Azyr. Limited edition. “That’s cool,” I was thinking, “I’m gonna get me one of those.”

That was July 4th.

Today, it finally arrived. I’d started preparing Monday’s passive-aggressive email to Black Library’s customer service where I would tell them, in such sugary sweet tones you’d become diabetic just reading it, to please dig up my book so I can do that long overdue review of it for my blog. Pretty please.

But no such luck, a note in my mailbox informed me that a parcel was awaiting me at the local post office, so off I went, happy as a clam, to pick up my parcel. Which, when I picked it up, was suitably crunched and my hopes of writing that email skyrocketed.

20150725_160402There’s even a due date on it. Cute! But what really got me amused/perplexed/befuddled was that elegant, blue stamp just beneath the address note. I mean, really? Is that even possible?

20150725_160410Taipei? The capital of Taiwan? That miniscule country just outside the coast of China? On the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD? Wow. My book is more travelled than me. But.

It’s my book. And now, I’m going to read it.



5 thoughts on “Round trip.

  1. Hence why I always choose the most expensive shipping alternative. Bonus is that they can never get it up here in 1-2 days (+1 in remote locations) so you’ll get a refund on the shipping. Also this gives you full tracking of your parcel and you can communicate with UPS Norway all the way. Also, the tracking number works when UPS gives it over to the mail in Norway.

    Final bonus. You’ll never have to pay additional tax and custom fees with the most expensive shipping alternative.


    • Doesn’t really feel worth it when the postage would be 50% more than the actual product, though. And up here so close to the airport, they actually usually deliver on time 🙂


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