So… that happened.


It’s been a while. Specifically, two whole months of not a single post, and truth be told, not much hobby stuff either. I blame the fact that I have a wonderful baby boy, that work is something that happens in adult lives to provide them with disposable income, and the existence of certain Blizzard Entertainment franchises.

But here I am, writing this, so all is not entirely lost! I imagine most of you know how it is, the longer you keep the brush lying still, the heavier it seems to grow. Those half-finished models on the shelf starts whispering in your ear, “Paint me, paint me!” while the internet provides you with your daily dose of new and awesome projects for your mind to set its sights on – it is pure torment, and we all know it.

But then, the magic phase happened.

A couple of weeks back, I drove a couple of hours down south to visit Tommy (of Bigbossredskullz fame), and with a little help of his gaming group and a really awesome get-together of gaming and geek talk, a bit of hobby spark was reignited. I played a few games of Age of Sigmar (still a really good game, haters gonna hate and all that) and met up with some people I’ve not seen in a while, saw some great conversions, and ate a really tasty pizza. Without going into details on the games too much (that’s for later!), I learned a lot about Age of Sigmar mechanics and strategy that was limited or unavilalble to me with my Dark Elves, and I picked up some old models I’d bought a year ago with the intention of making “a small warband for 9th edition” – a box of Putrid Blightkings and some Nurglings.

But really, why stop there? This is Age of Sigmar, not 9th Edition. I have an unpainted Neferata in my collection. I have Isabella von Carstein (who, ironically, ended her life as a servant of Nurgle). I have a bunch of Plaguebearers. A Mutalith Vortex Beast. A whole mess of zombies and god knows how many half-pillaged Corpse Carts.

So combined with my disillusionment at the state of Warhammer 40,000, I decided the begin a project designed fully for Age of Sigmar – a force built around undeads, Nurgle and various snippets of End Times lore, using warscrolls from no less than five compendiums, tailor-made to what I want it to be.

So with that, The Festering Orchard is born. So far, two Blightkings and a Tomb Banshee has been painted, and I’m working on a base of Nurglings, to really get a solid idea of my palette. Hopefully, I’ll be just slightly less slow and pathetic with updates over the course of this project – wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “So… that happened.

  1. Good luck – sounds like a fun project. I really enjoyed the Nurgle/Undead crossover element that happened during the End Times so I’ll be watching out for the Festering Orchard starting to grow.

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  2. Has it been that long already? Man time flies 🙂

    Good to hear from your blog again, I’ve been missing the SLR (hint – HINT) btw 😉

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