Sunday long read: The female factor.


A common narrative in popular culture and media is that there always have to be a female lead, a feminine presence for viewers to identify with. It was very much the case with the Lord of the Rings franchise making its way to the silver screen (Arwen and Tauriel respectively), and it’s becoming more and more common for female lead or main characters to appear in media such as games, comic books and TV productions over the past few years.

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Sunday long read: Why do we paint?


Earlier this week, a local Warhammer 40,000 tournament was announced this September. My first reaction was, needless to say, “Awesome!” Then I remembered something. September? That’s only two months. There’s no way in hell I’ll have my Slaanesh army painted by then.

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Sunday long read: The Forge World myth.


A few days ago, I got a text from one of my regular gaming buddies. It simply asked, “Do you think they’ll make a Sigmar figure now?” I thought about it for a few seconds, before I answered (somewhat sarcastically) “I bet Forge World will make it. Age of Sigmar Character Series.” A lengthy discussion followed, where he suggested Games Workshop themselves would release it, as they had Nagash, and I pointed out that we have no actual clue if there are plans to expand the Age of Sigmar into Forge World’s tudios.

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Sunday long read: Playing to win.

A few years back, I used to be heavily into competitive online gaming. There, I said it – the cat is out of the bag. Some of my fondest memories from those years are roleplaying with friends, chasing around after vanity items, or just sitting around idling while letting guild chat just be another skype window. When I strapped on my plate armour or lightsabers, however, only one thing mattered:


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Sunday long read: The future of Warhammer.


With Age of Sigmar less than two weeks away, the rumour-mill is running haywire, and as with most things that are as heavily locked down as the new game appears to be, most of the rumours both contradict each other, appear either way off the mark or simply too good to be true, or somewhere in between.

So, what can we expect from Age of Sigmar? Without any sort of inside information or preferred rumours, this is my own personal take on what I think the new game will bring.

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