The mournful account of Anna Korlov.


When the plague came to Talabheim, and the daemons of Nurgle’s garden rose in the streets, the people of the cratered city rose to its defence, well aware that this would be their death. The combined forces of the Maggoth Lords and the Tallyman were overwhelming the walls with pestilence and death, and as their patron deity Taal laid ill from the Lord of Decay’s foul contagion, the Eye of the Forest┬áseemed doomed – certain death had come.

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The one in which there are painted models.

The Festering Orchard project is coming along surprisingly well – the past week or so have seen me finish no less than five models of various types, primarily as colour testers, but actually turning out so nice that they will simply just find their way into my final force.

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So… that happened.


It’s been a while. Specifically, two whole months of not a single post, and truth be told, not much hobby stuff either. I blame the fact that I have a wonderful baby boy, that work is something that happens in adult lives to provide them with disposable income, and the existence of certain Blizzard Entertainment franchises.

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