Sunday long read: Playing to win.

A few years back, I used to be heavily into competitive online gaming. There, I said it – the cat is out of the bag. Some of my fondest memories from those years are roleplaying with friends, chasing around after vanity items, or just sitting around idling while letting guild chat just be another skype window. When I strapped on my plate armour or lightsabers, however, only one thing mattered:


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Colour testers.


I finally managed to finish up the four test Daemonettes last night, sorting out the final few details and ironing out the last colour combinations to go for with my proper models. I’ve actually grown a lot fonder of the plastic Daemonettes over the course of this process – they are honestly really nice models to work with, and I suspect they’d command much more regard if they weren’t universally shunned for replacing the legendary J.D. ones.

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WIP Wednesday: Heralds!

It’s been a busy week with work, so I’ve gotten little time to do any modelling or painting; I’ve almost finished up the four test models and more or less nailed down the core colour variants I want to go with. With some time off tomorrow, I hope to finish them up and be able to post them within too long, so I can actually start painting some real miniatures.

But for now, I want to show off where I’m at with the first two Heralds of Slaanesh!

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It begins.


When you’ve been around the hobby for two decades, simply “starting a new project” tends to be futile. In terms of time, obviously (anyone that’s been around that long likely have a combination of work, family and other factors that limit their actual hobby time), but also in terms of challenge. When you’re about to start your umpteenth army, what do you do to motivate yourself?

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With the release of the new Assassinorum: Execution Force board game (AEF) this week, Games Workshop has taken a new step in re-defining the borders between their core games and their supplement products. Where Dreadfleet was as stand-alone as you could possibly get, Space Hulk followed up by using unique models that easily crossed over into the core game of Warhammer 40,000 with a little love and some spare bases.

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